Planning permission is 90% completed for this exclusive low density village offering a variety of housing options for a small number of retirees and people looking to focus on their wellness and quality of life.  


The village will have:

  • Two bedroomed river frontage houses

  • Two bedroomed garden houses

  • One bedroomed garden houses

Units will be constructed using modern, environmentally friendly materials that offer excellent temperature control properties and durability.  Solar will be the primary power source supplying power to geysers, air-conditioners, lights and appliances with a generator as a back-up and national grid as second line back up.  Water supply will be primarily from two boreholes fed through a reticulation system and municipal water supply as back-up.

Show units will be available from October 2020.

Low density living – our site will be respected so that we maintain and celebrate true bush living

Houses will be one or two bedroomed with a limited number of very special river frontage properties

The homes have been designed by one of South Africa's leading young architectural practices whose site plan maximises the village footprint.  They specialise in environmentally sensitive design and will honour this unique site